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Insurance For Businesses

Your business is your pride and joy. At Calland and Campbell Insurance, we want to make sure that it is adequately protected. We have the ability to offer many different business insurance options. These options include:

  • Business Owners Property Insurance- You’ve worked hard to build your business and you likely hold a lot of assets in it. Take the right precaution to secure it from devastating unexpected events with a Business Owners Policy.
  • Commercial Property Insurance- Commercial property insurance helps protect your business’ building, outdoor signage, furniture, equipment, landscaping, and others’ property from large natural disasters and small concerns that could lead to financial losses.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance- While commercial liability coverage has you covered in most instances, there are times when a more serious situation could arise. For cases such as these, commercial umbrella insurance picks up where other policies leave off.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance- Your vehicle helps you keep your business growing and running efficiently. Commercial auto insurance helps you protect your equipment, employees, business, and savings.
  • General Liability Insurance- General liability insurance is often considered a necessity for any businesses that interact with clients face-to-face, access clients’ equipment, represent clients’ businesses, conduct business-related activities at a third-party location.
  • Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)- Professional liability insurance provides protection in areas where general liability insurance does not and is highly recommended for businesses that provide professional services, advice, or is required to have coverage to enter a contract with a client.