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Why Choose an Independent Financial Advisor?

Photograph by Susan Chiles

At Campbell Financial, our primary concern is putting the client first. We are an independent firm, meaning that we aren’t tied to any proprietary products or services. We believe this offers a number of benefits to our clients, including:

  • Regular, Personalized Communication. Independent financial advisors rely on an ongoing relationship. We meet at least once a year to ensure your investment policy is on track towards its goals. We also send out reminders when it’s time to review portfolios, holding both ourselves and our clients accountable.This regular communication can help you gain confidence in your investment strategy.

  • Professional Guidance. As an investor, you are flooded with information in the media and on the Internet about making financial decisions. However, you likely don’t have the time to research each investment strategy and product to determine whether or not it’s appropriate for your situation and needs. By monitoring your portfolios and conducting ongoing research, we seek to help you feel more comfortable knowing your money is being professionally managed.

  • Greater Transparency. In today’s economic climate, transparency is a key factor in consumer confidence. When compared to commission-based services, fee-based services are much more transparent. Educating the client is at the forefront of everything we do at Campbell Financial.

  • A Disciplined Approach. Markets inevitably rise and fall, which is why we closely work with our clients to craft investment strategies that will grow with them throughout their lifetime. We help our clients focus not on things that are out of their control, but instead on the things that they can.

  • Planning-Based Portfolios. We advise our clients on what investments we believe are appropriate for them, but we also work as a financial partner. We help our clients develop a roadmap regarding their financial concerns, such as how long their assets will last through retirement. This planning-based approach means that we guide you through the ebbs and flows of the market and your investments.

Our goal is to act as good stewards of our clients’ assets and continually make the effort to learn from them. We believe that preparation and planning is just as important as the investment vehicles utilized, which is why we work with our clients for the long-term and develop strong relationships with them.